Back Story

Name: Vanessa Jonell Maryott

Place of Birth: Wichita, KS


Douglas Russell Maryott – Managing Partner (Hospitality)

Jeannie Denise Maryott – Retired


Mark Russell Maryott (5yrs older) – Currently in the US Navy as a Nuclear Submarine Operator. His 9 year term finishes in October 2010.

Kara Denise Maryott (4yrs older) – Now married to Travis Troyer with 2 children Natalie & Ian. She runs an amazing home daycare in West Wichita.


Current – Jewel (dog), Pepper (dog), & Gizmo (cat)… 3 Hand Raised Squirrels & Lots of Fish                                              

Past – Diamond (cat), Spicy (cat), Webster/Webbie (duck), 3 Parakeets, 2 Mice

Future Plans: After my study abroad at RMIT in Australia I will begin work for SIEMENS as a Energy Engineer Associate and part of the Operational Development Program (ODP). I will be located at the Austin, TX branch with significant travel to Chicago, IL for training in the first 6 -12 months.


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