Tourist Travel Tips

If you are interested in traveling, consider doing it before or after your studies! I have talked to several people who spent 1 month or more traveling with their mom or friend in Australia before the semester started.

If I could go back again I would have come to Australia and seen from the Great Barrier Reef down the coast to Sydney with my mom and sister.

School is harder in another country because you have to adjust to the new teaching style of that country. You will not have the same study groups or friends you are used to seeing. A lot of your work will be independent. It is very difficult, especially in Australia, to travel during school.

I would have even considered traveling for several weeks after school, especially because I have multiple new friends who are doing that exact thing. But I committed to start work on July 19th which only gives me 2 weeks to fly home, pack up my life, and move to Austin, TX. The timing is not conducive to traveling in Australia after the school semester.

A second important lesson was to buy my ticket for the school break early. I went to New Zealand over the Easter Break (like Spring Break). Even 3 weeks prior to departure it cost double what is usually did. So know the dates you want to travel over break. Find out where you want to go, and buy your ticket. You can always book a tour later or find friends to go with you.

If I had to do it again, I would of bought a “return” aka round trip ticket to Christchurch from March 31 to April 11 within the first 2 weeks of arriving. If you decide to go to New Zealand, the South Island is probably the best and most all tours and flights start and end in Christchurch; makes it a bit easier to plan ahead.

Lessons Learned:

Plan ahead for traveling either before or after school

Buy plane tickets early for traveling


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