Storage in Luggage

It took me awhile to come to this realization, but all the things I had stuffed in my closet that I rarely need, I can store them in my luggage under my bed. I feel like this realization has saved my life. I was tired of all the crap on my floor up next to the walls that I never needed but couldn’t find a place for. My room is much happier now.

When I came home from my 2 weeks in New Zealand I found a big scary spider. Really a medium sized spider by Australia’s standards, but scary enough to make me sleep on the couch for 2 nights. I went and bought intense poison to use. It may not help, but it makes me feel better. I think the lack of things scattered all around the edges of my room should help too.

Lessons Learned:

Store none essential items in luggage under the bed to save floor space


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  1. 1

    Jess said,

    Hey how are you doin? Still alive? 😀

    Hey when do you get back again?

    • 2

      Well I was supposed to be back June 30… but Mark wanted to come visit, and only had July 2 – 10th available to come. So now I think I will be in Australia until July 11th. My mom, dad, and Chris are all coming to visit as well.

      Every time I want to call you it’s like 3am in Wichita. One of these times I am just going to do it! lol Then you’d really love me =)

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