Packing List

This is what I have as of now… It may change as time goes:

Things to Bring

The obvious – under ware and socks, tooth brush/paste, deodorant, contacts/glasses, etc….


Calculator(s) – Depending on your classes maybe 2 calculators, TI-89 (or similar) and one non-programmable

Clothes for hot and cold! – Including a heavier coat (depends on season, for Aus autumn only)

Be sure electronics are 110v – 240v compatible!!



Phone  – Be sure it has a changeable sim card

All electronic chargers (camera, phone, computer)

Flashdrive(s)/USB Stick(s)

External Hard Drive – back up everything on your computer

Adapters – 2 to 3 depending on number of electronics

(Walkabout Travel Gear

Sandals – 2 pair

Tennis Shoes – 2 pair

Boots – For cold and wet weather (depends on season)

Pack as light as possible, you’ll want room to bring home things you acquire over seas. Unless you need a specific brand, you can even leave things like bottles of shampoo/conditioner.

Things to Not Bring

Too many shoes


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