Laundry & Weather

I’m not sure what it’s like in other countries, but in Australia most people do not own laundry dryers. Instead, they dry their cloths on lines outside. This brings up two issues. One, I had to get comfortable seeing other people’s underwear and having them see mine. Two, I had to start watching the weather forecast.

It’s one thing for me to pack an umbrella when I walk to school because it looks cloudy. It’s another thing when it starts raining and I realize I’ve left my laundry on the lines. Now it is a regular practice to watch the weather and always ask, is it supposed to rain in the next 24 hours, before starting laundry.

One other issue is the use of water for laundry. Top loading washers use a lot more water than front loaded ones. This can cause difficulty with staying under the 155L max water allowance per person. I feel like sometimes I’m trying to decide if I should shower or do laundry. Good thing we don’t have a dish washer or else my house would never meet the 155L target.

I wonder how I will cope with coming back to the states and having so many luxuries. My friend Jessica who lived and studied in Japan for a year said “a study abroad will teach you what it means to live on the basics”. I think she hit the nail on the head. I’ll come back to the US and have a dish washer, clothing dryer, my own bathroom, a car, no water limitation, what the heck will I do with myself.

Lessons Learned:

Check the weather before starting laundry

Study abroad will teach me to live on the basics


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    Samantha said,

    Our friends in Scotland have to do the same with their laundry. It gives you a whole different perspective to hang clothes outside and to have to think about your water and energy consumption! We are blessed to have so much excess in the US, but it sure wouldn’t hurt if we all had to pay attention to consumption like you are!

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