Choosing Classes

I was lucky enough to be done with all of my required classes before deciding to study abroad. Most students will need to do a little more planning. I might suggest going on study abroad toward the beginning of your degree program, so the required classes while abroad will be easier (see Lesson’s Learned below). The reason for this is the fact that you will be doing school work in a completely foreign country, even if your classes are in English.

One tough part of studying in Australia was before choosing classes I had to decide on which college to chose. When doing exchange through Buffalo State there were four Australian Universities: Central Queensland University, RMIT University, University of Newcastle, & University of South Australia.

I chose The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University).

For RMIT you actually “pre-enroll” and then after you do a time table and decide on final classes, you drop the ones that don’t work for your schedule. You have at least a month after school starts to drop classes and it doesn’t cost any extra money to enroll in more classes, so sign up for any class you think you might be interested in. It is a time consuming and frustrating process for international students to add a class once you are in Australia because it all has to be done on paper.

I would suggest enrolling in at least 10 classes. Just go crazy and have fun with school.

Lessons Learned:

Take easy classes while abroad or at least a lighter load than usual.

Enroll in as many classes as possible because it’s easier to drop a class than add a class later.


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