Bad Ankles

I first hurt my ankle in 8th grade when I fell while running to the bus stop. The ankle troubles showed up more when I started pole vaulting sophomore year. I had three ankle injuries during my last 2 years of pole vaulting. My last ankle injuring was in Colorado while out taking night pictures of the stars in October.

Well now I can add Australia to my list of ankle injuries. I bought an ankle brace for $21.65, which if you have been shopping for ankle braces recently, is outrageous.

I think I am most disappointed because I had just gotten back into pole vault and was excited about training and getting into shape while I was in Australia.

Since the ankle injury I’ve been taking it easy and thus taking the tram to school. Hopefully I don’t get addicted to not walking. =)

Lesson’s Learned:

Bring medical braces for recently injured parts of your body.


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