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The Decision & Scholarships

The Decision:    With one semester left in my traditional 4 year degree, I said what would be the best way to spend my time. The answer came in the form of a suggestion from my sister Kara Troyer. Initially, I wanted to study abroad in England. I loved the idea of Europe and traveling to multiple countries in my spare time. As I did more searching, Australia turned into the best opportunity for a variety of reasons. One, the application deadline for England had passed 5 months prior to my decision to study abroad (see lesson’s learned #1 below). Two, other contries such as Italy, France, Germany, etc… required college level classroom experience in order to participate (see lesson’s learned #2 below). Three, if I am going to fly 28 1/2 hours and spend 2 days of my life just to get to a country, I might as well live there for awhile! Plus who doesn’t love a good Australian accent.

Some sad news, WSU no longer has a study abroad or exchange program in place. As stated on the WSU International Education Website:

“The Study Abroad Coordinator position is currently vacant and there are no plans to fill it in the near future.  For this reason, Study Abroad services are not available at this time through the International Office.   We do not have an expected date on when the position will be filled.  Some Study Abroad opportunities may be available through your department or college.  For this reason, please check with your department or college to see if they have Study Abroad programs that may interest you.” 

Wichita State International Education:

Scholarship(s):    The first person I contacted was Bobby Gandu, the head of Wichita State’s National Student Exchange (NSE) program. It was important that my WSU scholarships count toward my study abroad program, which helped to narrow the field of eligable programs. To my knowledge, through Wichita State’s NSE, Buffalo State College was the best place that offered a study abroad program and WSU scholarship money would count. .

I also applied for The Schunk-Grohe Reach Abroad Scholarship. I was not one of the recipients for the Reach Abroad Scholarship and I am not sure if this scholarship will be available in the future, but it is worth looking at. . Really, any general scholarship could be used while study abroad. Check scholarship details to confirm.

 Lesson’s Learned:

1) Start looking at study abroad programs at least a YEAR in advance. It will help with availability, scholarships/financing, and planning.

2) If you want to visit a country that does not speak English, start studying the language through collegiate University enrollment.

Helpful Sites:

 Buffalo State College Study Abroad:


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First Blog Ever

I must admit, I feel a little behind the times because this is my first Blog ever! I have been more of a Facebook user, but so far WordPress seems user friendly and fun.

I also want to warn people that I am a huge fan of pictures. I hope I can find a way to upload large quantities and fast.

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Hello world!

Navy Pier

Farris Wheel

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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